Frequently Asked Questions

Why become Certified?

As a Certified Personal Care Aide, you can demonstrate to potential employers – from assisted living communities to home care agencies to private family clients – your commitment and dedication to providing the best care possible.

Who hires Certified Personal Care Aides?

Personal Care Aides may work in assisted living communities as caregivers, for home care agencies or directly for individuals needing care in their homes. Many employers will give preference during hiring to individuals with this certification. Employers give preference to individuals with this Certification because it indicates a commitment to learning knowledge and skills in Personal Care, as well as saving them time and money, in many cases, in post-employment training. In most cases you will need additional training after you’re hired to become familiar with the company’s policies and procedures as well as specific job requirements. Some states or companies may require additional skills training, too, beyond this initial level of certification.

Who accepts IPCed’s Personal Care Aide course?

IPCed’s Personal Care Aide course meets rigorous standards as a complete, 40 hour course designed to prepare the individual to become a caregiver for elderly and disabled adults. Many long term care insurance companies will accept this Certification for reimbursement of caregiver expenses; some will reimburse the cost of this training program, too. Check with your insurance company today!

Is it approved in my state?

Most states have no requirements for initial caregiver training. Many states have only limited requirements but no approval process. While the job classification of Personal Care Aide has been established nationally, there is no federal standard for certification.

The following states have training requirements that go above and beyond what is contained in this program: AK, AR, AZ, DC, ME, MT, MS, NE, NJ, NY, OR, RI, VA, WA, WV, WY. Residents in these states can use this certification program to gain education and employment, but may be required to take additional on-the-job training once employed.

If you are working for a care organization, your employer may have specific training requirements as well. Check with your employer for more details.

How does this Certification course work?

The Personal Care Aide certification course is completed 100% online. You do not attend any classes; you only need access to an internet-connected computer to complete your course.

What do I receive when I complete the course?
You will receive a Certificate of Completion which documents your successful course completion. You will also receive a detailed course outline which we recommend that you attach to your Certificate. Use this outline to show prospective employers exactly what topics you learned during this training program.

What topics does the Personal Care Aide course cover?